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Luxire formal shirt fabrics

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I'm new to actively posting in this forum but have greatly enjoyed reading various threads in the past, some great material in here!

However, since I am missing consolidated and focused discussion on Luxire fabrics - for formal shirts specifically - I would like to start that here.


On my quest for the perfect formal/dress shirt I quickly discovered that - for me - there was no way around custom made shirts. Having had some made during stays in Asia, I came across Luxire when I was recently looking for a more qualitative alternative. 


So far I have had two ordering iterations for formal shirts and am already quite happy with the fit.

Fabric wise, however, I find the Lustrous Fine White to be too prone to wrinkling (e.g. sleeves). And from what I saw searching the forum, I am not alone. After trying it on for about 15 minutes it was as wrinkled as some of my other shirts after an entire day at the office.


My question to you is: Which Luxire fabrics have you used for formal shirts in the past, what are your experiences and recommendations? 


Best, Lihai

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Welcome to the forum, lihai. You won't get many (if any) responses in this thread. You'll have much better luck in Luxire's AV thread here
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