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Wearing this overcoat directly over shirts?

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I got this Strellson Matcher "overcoat" on sale recently. It's supposed to be worn over a jacket, but the West Coast weather never gets that cold so I'm thinking just to wear this over a shirt.


Do you think this coat is casual enough that it can be worn directly over a shirt? The two pictures I found doesn't seem to have the model wearing a blazer/suit underneath.


Your opinions appreciated.


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thoughts, anyone?

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Not sure what is worse -- top coat without a jacket or belt loops without a belt.
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One yes and two no's so far.


Since this coat is not as formal as normal top coats, maybe I can get away with it?

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You can wear it just fine. I wear an overcoat with a dress shirt and a sweater all the time.

That said, I am not huge fan of the coat itself. It seems like some sort of shortened overcoat/trench coat hybrid that doesn't really "work" in my eyes. I think you would be better off buying a either an overcoat or trench coat. If you want something shorter, I'd get a peacoat.
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Thanks Gauss17, I already have a traditional looking overcoat, but not something more casual/hip. So this is my attempt to add something a bit stylistic to my wardrobe.

Any one else has thoughts on the styling of this coat? Does it work for you? Unique and hip? Or just neither here nor there?
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I'm with gauss here - the styling on this one is a bit strange
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Not for me but perfectly fine. I see tons of shit that's ten times worse every day. You are fine if it fits well. Of course it is going to get bashed here though .. Don't worry about it.
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Thanks, AriG. I'm new here, care to explain why this is certainly bashed here?
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Well, it is more casual/young. Short, not really classic or traditional and so on. And that's true, but that doesn't make it bad necessarily. Because of that, I think you're ok wearing it with a shirt alone, provided it's not oversized (for a jacket) to begin with.
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Yes, totally,  I think is a casual overcoat, you can wear this with a shirt . I dont think it would work very well with a jacket

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I already voted yes.  But I will add that this doesn't really look like an overcoat to me.  Looks more like a trench coat or rain slicker.  I don't see why you couldn't wear it with just a shirt.  It is clearly casual enough (length, epaulets, material?).  I think sometimes the forum here looks for any excuse to impose a fashion "rule".  This one is a bit of a stretch. 

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Thanks again for your explanation, AriG
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