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Baby blue jeans

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I'm looking for two sets of light blue jeans in both heavier and lighter weight fabrics so I have a pair for Summer and Winter. At one time they were easily available, but all the London and provincial stores seem to stock these days are dark blue or charcoal grey heavyweights and anything in a lighter colour is faded or slashed (no I don't want to emulate the tramp like look so many youngsters wear and besides middle aged guys look ridiculous in that garb). I want a regular fit too (again as a middle aged guy I hate seeing men my own age in anything with drainpipe cut legs or with the fabric clutching at ones manhood).

So anyone know where I can get regular cut light blue denim?
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I recently picked up a pair of pale blue Big John/Rockin' Jellybean jeans that fit that description pretty well. Japanese made, heavyweight selvedge denim, etc, pretty nice. They're at least one season out, but you might be able to find a pair with a little luck.
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got those rocking jelly ones too. great jeans, pop up on eBay often. currently i think there are some in aswell.
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