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Hey all - I've been a long time lurker and recently purchased a pair of C&J Islays about 3 weeks back. They're lovely boots and were real comfortable right out of the box. I know general consensus here is that these boots are a tough country-style boot, although I can't help but want to make sure they're well taken care of, and with majority of the wear minimized to an extent.


I've only worn them about 3 times so far - one time in a moderate downpour and there's a slight change to the sole of one of the boots.


Some pictures of the boots - with one of the pairs unblemished and the other one with a slight scarring. Also a close up of the affected area.


Hope you guys can give me some advice on whether this is a serious issue and if I have to take some measures to prevent any further damage/wear to that particular area or to the boots in general.


Sorry and thanks everyone for reading!