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End of Bills Khakis

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Bills Khakis is in liquidation. No word what the future holds for the company.
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Wow - a Reading success story! My roommate back in the mid-80s was a college buddy of Bill Thomas - he used to hang out w/ us and was already obsessing about the perfect pair of khakis! He was selling tie-dye ties at the time....
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Order at your own risk guys. I have an order from November 6th that's still listed as "Processing." I've emailed about it and haven't gotten a reply. The customer service phone # seems to be down now as well, it rings once and then it's just dead air. Maybe it's just a glitch, but I'm not ordering anything until I figure out what's up with my other order.
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I suppose that this development shouldn't come as a surprise.  I know a lot of old B&M retailers carried Bill's Khakis as an "add on", i,e. an item that of moderate price that could be tacked onto a larger order.  This was part of a larger picture of clienteling that simply does not translate to online sales, where products have to stand on their own.  


In recent years, the brand has lacked any real pop.  It didn't really emphasize its heritage, nor did it embrace a younger audience, which has become increasingly saturated with pure plays like Everlane and Bonobas.  With retail prices around $150, was neither luxury nor particularly accessible.  Definitely stuck in no man's land.  


Just looking at this page from Patrick James (, one of their major stockists, I wonder - is a guy who wants to look like that will to pay those prices.


I can also imagine that they were too unorganized as well, just going on what they alloweed customers to customize.


I'll be interested in seeing the new owners treat their new asset.

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everything on the website is seriously marked down.

it will be interesting to see what the new owners do.
I know the factory that does a great deal of their production.
the are not happy.
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Originally Posted by Shirtmaven View Post

everything on the website is seriously marked down.

it will be interesting to see what the new owners do.
I know the factory that does a great deal of their production.
the are not happy.

Well, from what @Fred G. Unn said, 50% off to get nothing is still pretty spendy.  I can't imagine that the factory is very happy.  But that is what happens when your revenue stream is not diversified enough.  Even though you are technically autonomous. you've effectively become a subsidiary of a larger company.

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the factory has a number of customers.
Bill's work was very standard. they could count
on x number of shirts each week and X number of pants.

that is a dream for a factory.

labor is usually paid in net5-7 days
the owner then extended terms.
and sadly The owner got caught.
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i am going to have this factory make me some boxer shorts.

any comments on the fit of the bill's boxer short fit?

the construction is clean.
they had boxer shorts on the site 2 weeks ago, now they are gone.

I am going to use better fabric.
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I have never worn or even seen their boxers. I understand that Robert Talbott is now making boxers in the US again. Do you know who is doing that for them?
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I placed orders for several thousand dollars during half price sales in November/early December.  Did not know why the sales were so strong and they did not ship many items.  But, I received between 50 and 70% discount on what was shipped (10 items) and there have been no unexpected charges to my card.  


Since is out of Cramertons and Bullards, I ordered several pairs of each from at half price.


Retailers know they have no factory support/backup warranty.  

And sorry to hear @Shirtmavenabout your friend taking that hit.

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Has ANYONE had any of their orders fulfilled over the past month???
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They have shipped me 10-12 pairs plus a buddy hat. Still waiting on a bunch of items that they told me yesterday would ship by end of next week. They said just 3 people including Bill are working through massive orders.

I have been stocking up as wingtip and other sources are liquidating at great bargains.

i bet many orders unfulfilled and many fulfilled at 50-70% off. worth the wait gamble. My charges are on am ex so I do not fear fraud. Have been watching Daily to be sure.

Mizbb ? The regular eBay seller has been running many items @ $50 or so too.
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I gotta say that I never got the value proposition on Bill's. I tried a couple of their M1s. I found them meh. I returned them because I saw nothing about the quality to justify the price. I'm not an expert but they seemed about LL Bean quality to me at 2X, 3X the price. So it seems to me the market has spoken and good riddance.
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They never had a model that fit me.
I guess that I was born with an Incotex butt.
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