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Hairstyle advice?

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I'm 22 and I'm looking for a hairstyle. I've never really been a "style" person, more of a slacker, and have never really had a hairstyle. Just sorta let my hair be. As i'm becoming more of an adult, I'm trying to feel like less of a child and want to try dressing up a little more. Any advice on a hairstyle? Not looking for anything too showy... more casual.


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Shave it bald
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Ask around or even hit Yelp and consult some stylists and barbers. You need a hair expert to advise you as you will get nothing useful from this forum (with the exception of this post, maybe).

The best hairstyle a man can have is one which fits your face, personality, and style well, but is also easy to maintain on your own.
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