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Edward green winter sale

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In reviewing some of the June posts I was surprised by the number of pairs of shoes that EG had available during the last sale. I was thinking about special ordering some new shoes but I am now wondering whether I should wait until after the next sale to see whether I can get them at a sharply discounted price (430 pounds to special order vs. 247 pounds during sale?) Was the number and selection of shoes that existed on sale in June common for EG sales?
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I am in a bit of the same predicament, Lynch. One comment I would make is that I attempted to contact E. Green via e mail but was ignored. I know that some people had success corresponding with them by mail and phone, but I didn't. I have concluded that the trouble of purchasing without being able to try the shoe on, corresponding with Green, and the luck of the sale draw may be more trouble than it is worth. Bic
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I guess that it depends on whether the Burlington Arcade store has the shoe you want in stock. If they don't, there's no way that it's ever going on sale. I'm sorry to hear about Bic Pentameter's problems when contacting EG. All I can say is that they've always been very responsive to my (sometimes pedantic) questions.
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I sent an email to EG and the only thing in stock in my size is the Malvern and Troon in black and chestnut. I am a size 8.5 D UK, which I assume is fairly common. I was surprised by how little was available but it may be that they do not beef up there stock until closer to the holidays. Being obsessive compulsive when it comes to EG, I picked up a pair of the black Malvern on 202.
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I find them very responsive to email. My sale experience has been that they'll have five different, pretty standard shoes in my size at the start of the sale. I find something I can use perhaps once every three years. Think black Malverns and Berkeleys. But it's worth checking for the times you get lucky. Will
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Last summer I did see posts by others who received very good customer service via e-mail.  I think that Jcusey may have been one of them. I imagine that I was the exception. Perhaps my message was filtered out as spam, perhaps I should have called,visited, or purchased first to establish some credibility, perhaps the staff just had to be more attentive to live customers lined up at the registers. However, I sent e-mail last summer, and later filled out the "contact us" form on the E. Green homepage, fully willing to place orders for shoes.  Both were ignored. I have corresponded with Tony G, a representative from Green about their bespoke service, but for ready to wear or pattern order, let alone discounted sale items, I've decided to wait until I can see an E. Green representative in person. Bic
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When does this sale start? Sounds interesting...
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I received an email from EG saying that the next sale will be shortly after X-Mas.
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I have concluded that the trouble of purchasing without being able to try the shoe on...may be more trouble than it is worth.
To side with Bic on this one, I purchased a pair of Green's off ebay in a different last that I was used to, but the same size (202 vs. 186) and they're completely different shoes. The 202's feel like a second skin. The 186 feel like uncomfortable row boats. Buying shoes without trying them on is ALWAYS a gamble.
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