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Poll Results: Best of "Breaking the Rules"

Poll expired: Dec 7, 2015 This is a multiple choice poll
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    Dennis Walter
  • 7% of voters (2)
  • 3% of voters (1)
  • 50% of voters (14)
  • 3% of voters (1)
  • 32% of voters (9)
  • 53% of voters (15)
    An Acute Style
  • 10% of voters (3)
  • 17% of voters (5)
    Mr. Knightley
  • 7% of voters (2)
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    Diplomatic Ties
  • 7% of voters (2)
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Break the rules, wheather they are ancient or SF idiosyncrasies - not just for the sake of breaking, but to actually make it work!

Entry closes at GMT on Saturday. Poll closes on Monday at noon . Multiple votes will be allowed. I don't care when the fit was worn.

Finally, I highly encourage a full body shot as well as detail shot . bigstar[1].gif

For inspiration (sorry, it's my own) 2 rules broken; monocromatic and grey SC
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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I'll try to be IN

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I´m pretty sure each and every outfit of mine breaks one rule or another. Hence: i´ll play. 

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Pretty sure we already have a winner over in WAYWRN. :nodding: @An Acute Style ?

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May enter for fun, if I find a rule I want to shatter!

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X-Post from WAYWRN: surely breaking one rule or the other here. And if i don´t cloth-wise, i at least break the challene rule of "breaking the rules". 


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Sorry for the bad pictures... night or work... Rules brocken : check on check, combining different type of green (shoes and suit) and wearing a summer tie with an autumn/winter fit.






Better pictures of the boots (Click to show)


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Finally a challenge I can invite the guys at work to participate in.

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According to Alan Flusser's opinions, correctly mixing patterns could be categorize somehow like this:

- No mixing: beginners only

- Two patterns: knowing man level

- Three patterns: advanced sartorial level

- Four patterns: iconic stars of pattern matching...


So, does mixing 5-6 patterns in the same outfit make me break the rule? If not, these socks do by themselves for sure...




closer view of details and patterns (Click to show)









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On Claghorn's urging, I present to you: not a rule broken per se, but modification on convention, the coat 3 piece.


First got this idea where people talked about wearing a coat but not a jacket to work because of indoor heating in some places, and some people choosing to wear a waistcoat in those situations to keep up some formality (so one can still wear a tie, cover up button area and break between trousers and shirt). So then I thought, why not just wear a three piece where the jacket is coat instead? And I love trenchcoats, so I comissioned this from Luxire, with the benefit being that all the pieces are entirely wearable on their own.


Fabric is Dugdale Caldonaire Tweed. Had them make me a hood for the drizzles, too.



More (Click to show)

Buttoned up:


With hood up, kinda ugly, but hey, function.



Featuring gloves and bag:



With hood attached: the collar lifts up a little, slightly melodramatic I think.




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I like it, @Isolation. A very nice, innovative idea.
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Pants fit better than a lot of your others. Whatever they did, keep having them do it.
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I assume it's just that the fabric drapes better, but I'll have a look into it. :)

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