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Never heard of either of these. What's so special about them?

I'm suprised nobody's mentioned Plymouth for Gin yet. You all need to get on that.

Wyborowa is from Poland; they've been making it for something like 200 years. When I lived in DC I tried most of the vodkas at Russia house, which i believe has 20 or 30 varieties. Anyway, I always liked Wyborowa the best. As for tasting notes, I hardly ever drink vodka, (mostly gin, rum & scotch), so I couldn't say what makes it special, other than it makes an excellent drink. Interesting note: Frank Gehry designed one of their new premium bottles. Iceburg is purportedly made from harvested iceburgs. It is relatively cheap and very smooth; I usually keep a bottle around as a staple mixer.

Good call on the Plymouth. Also forgot the Martin Miller Westbourne strength. Great gin when you're in the mood for something different.