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Zimmerli law suit

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After I read Esquire America September 2015 article "Not I, But the Grace of Bobo, Which Was with Me" of Nick Tosches (who say in article he have much like of Zimmerli at least old production) I have find this:


and I have see this:







The electronic commerce web site say problem begin from groupe venture capital buy of Zimmerli couple year before, but the groupe venture capital buy of Zimmerli was no only couple year before, was no 2013, was long time, to 2007! Also the pyjama before was already make in Italy, no Switzerland, so why now say problem is pyjama no make in Switzerland when is now no more Italy but in stead Bulgaria and Poland? I believe all article of Zimmerli which is make in Switzerland is make to Tessin, canton of Italian Switzerland where much manufacture (also Ermenegildo Zegna, Hugo Boss, Bally, Swatch) have production for I think to be able put "made in Switzerland" while maybe have much worker frontalier (worker who come each day from Varese, Como, this places of Italy, and return to Varese, Como, every day after the work, make salary Swiss but more low than Swiss normal, and have more low price of live in Italy in stead of the Switzerland)! If you look article you see is much time since Zimmerli change production from Aargau canton and it say even in one period much year before was production in France (if I have understand correct the article)!

Is electronic commerce web site really angry of Zimmerli change of quality (if now there is different quality of article which is no pyjama) or more angry for Zimmerli company change strategy make more own company boutique and make also more big distribution in America and more other points of sell?
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I love you.
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Originally Posted by Harold falcon View Post

I love you.

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