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Can't find a T-shirt that fits

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I'm a very tall man,(6'6), with a thin frame.  T-Shirts are and have always been my bane.  Every t-shirt I seem to buy, particularly the trendy t-shirts, seem to be long enough but then of course too wide and I'm swimming. Or conversely thin enough but then too short.  I've bought a few shirts that after having washed them they end up looking like belly shirts. At this point I'd be willing to pay a tailor to make me cool custom t-shirts.  I know of no tailors and no place that specializes in selling t-shirts of specialty sizes.  I know about big and tall stores but they generally don't have trendier t-shirts, mostly just bland ones. Anyone know a tailor online I could checkout? Or perhaps a place to get specialty size t-shirts online? This may not be the right place to post this...but this is the first men's clothing forum that popped up on a google here I am.

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So far yea. You're the first to have posted.

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I am same height and skinny. Search this forum under "tall" and you will find good threads. As for t shirts, just buy large tall or xl and take to a tailor to take in sides and sleeves. Whatever size you buy has to be long enough and the tailoring will solve the rest.
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Wow didn't think about taking a t shirt I've already bought to a tailor, thanks.  Any guess on how much emoploying a tailor on one item would cost?

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$10-30. Wash the shirt first as they shrink then I usually use safety pins to show him how much to take in. Don't forget, if you take in the body most likely you will want to narrow the sleeves a little too to keep the fit and proportions good.
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I find Tallboys pretty good for a cheaper tee

Nice slightly thicker material that handles washing fairly well.

"As a rule of thumb, Tallboy Tees are approximately one inch longer and one inch slimmer in the chest compared to regular T-shirts"
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