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Luxury/ Bespoke Glasses

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Hello all,


I rather hoped I would find some guidance in the way of selecting a new pair of glasses for myself.


I have worn a pair of Ray-Ban frames for the past five or so years and recently mislaid the pair.


Having decided to find a pair of new frames which adequately fit in line with the standards of my suits and shoes I came across a number of providers. In fact, I was astounded that there are even a number of brands which offer a bespoke service (though this may be a more or less accurate usage of the word "bespoke")


From my research, I have narrowed my search to a few providers: Cutler and Gross, EB Meyrowitz and Tom Davis.


The three brands all make handmade eyewear though due to the volumes produced by C&G I wonder whether these frames are truly made by hand as a suit or pair of shoes would be made. The later two brands also offer bespoke service, TD in a modern fashion and EB in traditional fashion.


Has anyone had any experience of the three and if so I would be extremely interested to see the finished product?

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tom davies might be a great idea..
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