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Breaking into the menswear industry?

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Hi all,

I'm due to graduate in June from the University of Toronto. I'm majoring in business and marketing and given the fact that I'm here, I have a strong interest in classical menswear. I've only been involved in the menswear scene since summer of 2014 but given all that I've learned in that time frame, I really do see this as an industry that I want to be part of.


Best case scenario: I would be able to land an entry-level marketing role for a M2M clothier but I think the biggest knock against me is that I've never directly worked in the fashion industry, not even in a retail position. With that being said, all the knowledge that I've gained has been strictly through StyleForum and Reddit, which I think are fantastic communities.

So my question to you all today: how would you advise a young 21-year old professional in getting his feet wet in the menswear industry?

Thank you!



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My sister started as a buyer with a department store, eventually segued to account executive (selling to department stores) with a mainstream brand.
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It's gonna be tough. Sounds like you don't even know about pattern making, grading... etc. If you could afford it, travel to Savile Row, and beg one of the shops to take you in. You can also go to a trade school that has short courses, and use it to learn more, and network.
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