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Building a wardrobe - need help/ advice

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I posted on MFA, but I didn't really get any help so hopefully you guys can.


Currently a senior in high school, and I've pretty much realized that I've been dressing like shit (graphic tees w/ jeans). So lately I've been looking around to start to get a grasp on things. I want to start buying quality clothes that aren't juvenile (I don't however want to dress like way older than I am, I don't need anything too formal either). Could you guys give me some rec's and tips in general?


My current situation: lots of graphic tees, a pair of jeans that don't really fit me well, a few pairs of khaki's (my school uniform), two pairs of joggers (gray, dark gray), two solid colored thin urban pipeline hoodies (gray, purple-ish), two solid colored knit sweaters (black, white), one black sherpa hoodie (, and finally a pair of grey vans ( I'm 6'0, pretty skinny (130ish), dark red hair.


What I don't like/ my tastes (AKA don't recommend me these sorts of things unless you post why you did so): I'm in high school, and I don't really have any reason to wear anything too formal. Flannels are a no, button-up's are not my favorite either. Don't want anything too "clunky". I really like the popular fall/ winter styles.


Since you kind of get the jist of what I'm looking for, I'll go through a few specific things regarding different clothing items I'm looking for (feedback wanted). I'm on a pretty tight budget

-Shoes: I pretty much have three different styles that I'd like to focus on, and I'd like to have a pair of shoes for each of those. First, my school requires a uniform (Khaki's and solid colored polo), so I'd want a pair of shoes that'd look good with khaki's and match the formality of them. I'd wear those shoes everyday for school. Second, I'd like a nice pair of shoes that'd look good with the jeans that I plan on getting and that would match well with many different things. Lastly, I really like joggers and would like to have something nice to wear with those. Some different shoes I've been looking at are:, Remember that I already have a gray pair of vans

-Jeans: Planning on getting 3 pairs of Levi 511's (black, tan, and white)

-Shirts: Will probably get a few solid-colored tees (white, black, etc)

-Sweaters: I'm a huge sweater/ knit guy, but I already have around 4 of those so I should be good here

-Joggers: Have a pair of white/ dark grey, don't think I need more.

-Outerwear/ Jackets: I only have a shitty Zoo York hoodie, and I'm looking for one jacket/ coat of some kind that would match with most of the different things I'd wear. This is an area that I don't really know what to look for or what to get.

-Sunglasses: Yeah I drive alot so I need a pair.


Anything I'm missing? Any recommendations or advice? I'd really like some help, and hopefully be able to buy some things these next few days (black friday)

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Since this weekend is black friday/ cyber monday.. I'd like to make some purchases asap.

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standard recommendation: look at what people are wearing in the "what are you wearing today" thread. Sounds like you are have a typical high school style (flannels too formal..). Wear jeans and a sweatshirt?
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