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Atlanta Tailors

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Are there any capable, dependable and accessible tailors inside Atlanta or in the northern suburbs? Thanks!
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Does anyone have a recommendation for the Atlanta area?
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Sid Mashburn. Prepare to wait at least a month and the attention to tailoring detail is lackluster (to say the least), but they're probably the best in Atlanta.
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That is the 'accessible' part of my question... Do they alter garments that they don't sell?
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I'll second that. Last time I took something to them it turned out to be 5 weeks. I picked it up 3 1/2 weeks in and took it to a tailor on a business trip. I think they are good but mainly so with their own products. Don't live in Atlanta, but it seems there is a shop in the Buckhead area.
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Still searching. Mashburn looks like an option, but my confidence is not based upon the general report. Does anyone else have any ideas or encouragement?
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Try Hong Kong tailor on Buford highway. They do wonderful work and some nice custom clothes too.
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+1 for Hong Kong tailor...


top notch work, and never had any issues with delays, usually done in a few days 

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