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Hey everybody, I'm brand new here and this is my first post. I am on the verge of splurging on this jacket. One problem. I am buying (potentially) online. How is the sizing? I've read mixed things. Size down, they fit true to size. It's a lot of cash to drop on a jacket (although I need it here in the Great White North!), so I would ideally like to be sure on the sizing before I proceed. Returning it is not an option.


I'm 5',8", 165 lbs with an athletic build if that helps gauge and I prefer a more fitted jacket.


Thanks in advance!

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if you are willing to try the dark blue you can get it for under $600 on the corner.

I'd say you are probably an S but you might be able to fit in an XS. I am a 38 S in most suits and went with the XS.
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Thx for this info pal! I appreciate it! Do medium would be way too baggy huh?! How do you like the jacket? Is it worth the hype? Also, where's the "corner"? I'm new here! Definitely interested in that. Ha!
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yeah it's a great coat. the goretex makes it much more wearable when its not too hot. this season they made the arms a little better positioned too. I'd definitely get a small, especially if you are 5'8". but the xs is probably too small.

http://www.thecorner.com/us/men/jacket_cod41593382wl.html use code TCCYBER15 to get it for around $560-590 depending on taxes
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I'm a medium in the Mionn and the Monitor, and I have a field jacket in small. It fits well, but is still generous, even sized down.
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Thx so much for the intel. MUCH appreciated!

Sorry but that link didn't work? Any other way I could get there?

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go to thecorner.com click on designers, click on arcteryx
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I'm going to disagree with prior posters. I'm very near your exact size: 5'8, between 160-165 pounds, 39 chest, 30 waist, and I went with a medium. The small fits, but movement is somewhat limited and you can forget heavy layering. The small looked better when I was standing straight in front of a mirror with my arms at my side, but it was just too tight when moving. I do not at all regret getting the medium.


Given its price I was hesitant to purchase it, but I've been through three winters with mine as my primary coat and it's easily my favorite piece in my (admittedly small) collection.

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@captainapathy hmmmmmm. Really? This is making me think. How roomy is it then? I'd like to me able to move in it but I don't need to wear a massive sweater under it ether. For example if you're wearing a sweatshirt for example is there a ton of room in the mid section? I heard its massive and "ballons"? Thoughts? Thx in advance.
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Any pics by chance?

@husbands I tried the link and the site numerous times and the page won't open? Says there are too many redirects? Whatever the hell that means. Maybe it's because I'm trying the link from my phone!?
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the current season insulated field jackets run big. I'd consider the medium for non insulated but for insulated you are definitely not a medium. check the measurements on mrporter.com, they are the most accurate. good deal on this coat at eastdane.com too
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You're great. Thx. It's a FW '14 model. Does that make a difference?
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Here are some pictures. I apologize for the poor quality, but my wife is out of town and I so I had to take them myself.


As noted mine is from an earlier season. If there have been substantial changes since then, my advice may not be the best.


I purchased the coat for the first of two winters that I lived in Seattle. It's perfect for the climate there since in the winter it's usually rainy/drizzling/misty and the temperature doesn't fall below freezing very often. I've since moved back to NYC and on cold days I need to layer to stay warm. The medium will comfortably accommodate a sweater over a button down over a t-shirt. Not sure that the small would.


As you can see from the picture it's a little bulky, but it fits me well. I have a larger than average drop, so it's roomy near the waist, but I'd much rather have a garment that fits in the chest and is a little loose in the waist than one that fits in the waist and is too tight around the chest.

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This great. Thx pal! The jacket doesn't look overly big but perhaps not as fitted as I'd like unfortunately. I'm with you though, I need some mobility! Now I'm stuck on what size! 🤔
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Hey OP, I ordered the same IS field jacket in size Small. I am 5'8" 150lbs with a skinny build. It should arrive in few days. I will let you know how it fits. I guess if it turns out too big on me, which I believe is the case (hindsight is 20/20, I guess, should have looked closer at the measurement before just buying it after Mr.Porter's sizing recommendation), you will know that your size is Small.
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