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Boots - like these?

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Hi all. My beloved Hudson Scott boots, which I've had for about five years now, are finally starting to fall apart. Hudson no longer make the Scotts (in fact, the brand seems to have gone a bit downmarket in general - I looked at a few pairs of their boots in a local shop recently and they felt very cheap), so I'm trying to find some replacements, but struggling to find exactly what I'm looking for. I'm basically looking for something as close to my original Hudsons as possible:


(A poor photo of some shop-soiled boots, but the only photo I could find online.)


Any suggestions for boots that have the following?


1) Dark brown leather.

2) Mid-height. (Above ankle, around eight eyelets.)

3) A subtle cap on the toe. (I have large feet and find a cap helps break up what would otherwise be a large expanse of leather!)

4) Ski hooks for the top few eyelets. (Such a pain when above-ankle boots have only standard eyelets. I definitely do not want any form of zip opening.)


I don't mind whether the sole is rubber or leather, so long as the overall quality of construction is high.


I really like the look of the Frye Sutton Tall boots in dark brown, but they don't have a toe cap or ski hooks. I also prefer a slightly lower-profile toe, like on the Hudsons. But they are nice:



Ideally don't want to spend more than £300.



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Hmm, they are quite nice, but the toe cap looks a bit stumpy for some reason. Also not a big fan of the contrast stitching.


What brand are they?

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Red Wing Iron Ranger.


I just bought them in black and love 'em.

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