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Vp debates

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This must have been part of the pre-agreed rules of debate.
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Cheney's wearing a light blue shirt with red tie and Edward's wearing a white shirt with a maroon tie. Similar, but not the same.
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Are you sure it's a white shirt? I could have sworn Edwards had a light blue shirt. I concede the point on the tie, but in light of the suits and (my perception of) the shirts ignored it
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When they arent on the up close shots they look really similar. It looks to me like edwards is wearing a light blue shirt
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Just looked -- Edwards would appear to be wearing a light blue shirt.
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With a mere 12 year difference in their ages, it's shocking how different they look in terms of age and health. Cheney looks like an egg.
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Anyone catch that cheesy smile that Edwards gave the camera at the outset of the debate? It was hilarious.
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Yeah, Edwards definitely reminds me of a used car salesman.
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I read somewhere an observation that Edwards looks like a male flight attendant.  Now I can't look at him without picturing him pushing a cart and asking, "Would you like chicken or pasta?"
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AC- ROFLOL. Vero- (sadly) I agree.
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Actually, I like Edwards OK. Most of his trial work had to do with some really sad medical malpractice cases. Having worked on some medmal cases myself as a consultant, I know that there are definitely some not-frivolous lawsuits out there. Looking at some of his cases, I didn't think they were frivolous. But, should he get so wealthy while helping "the little guy"? If trial lawyers are so preoccupied with getting results for the little guy as they say they are, why not work pro bono or for only 5% of awards instead of the typical 33% to 50%? Well, they don't because what they are really running is a business, not a charity. Voting Democratic helps their business. That's really why they support Kerry-Edwards -- it's good for business. It's not really that much different from what the Republicans do. It's just a different business. Anyway, IMHO, the Democrats would have been better off picking John Edwards as the presidential candidate and someone else as the VP. John Kerry is the greatest liability to their ticket. Scratch that -- John Kerry's WIFE is the greatest liability to their ticket.
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John Kerry's WIFE is the greatest liability to their ticket.
Are you kidding me? Teresa seems genuine, obviously has pizazz and is sophisticated. Laura Bush is some sort of robot.
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Teresa seems genuine, obviously has pizazz and is sophisticated.  
Uh huh.
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(LA Guy @ 06 Oct. 2004, 09:48) Teresa seems genuine, obviously has pizazz and is sophisticated.  
Uh huh.
Republicans generally don't like their women uppity (read: independent, strong willed). For some reason, they hold out a special vitriol for women like Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton - even though there are plenty of men who hold similar, if not identical, political positions. So when someone like Teresa Heinz Kerry comes along, who is clearly smart and doesn't take sh*t from anyone, they are particularly offended. Archaic thinking, if you ask me.
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I thought it was interesting that both Cheney and Edwards chose blue shirts. But was it just me, or was Cheney's tie just a little too red for that suit? It seemed to me, watching on C-Span, that it was too "hot" for the cameras.
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