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Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I posted and was looking for some advice. My old peacoat is looking a bit sorry for itself so the time has come to replace it with a newer model, the question is which one would be the best investment piece!

Have been looking through a variety of websites and shops and narrowed the selection down to the links below -

Sunspel Peacoat

Tomas Maier Peacoat

Private White Peacoat

If anyone has any further recommendations of brands/companies which manufacture quality wool peacoats please let me know!

£600-700 would be my absolute limit with regards to price (in fact I'm waiting for the sales to arrive on the 27th to try and knock a good chunk of these prices down).

I'm 5'8" so have always loved the peacoat as a piece which has a formal/informal side for the shorter man, and will pretty much be my single 'winter' coat throughout the cold months in the UK. Possibility of a short topcoat/overcoat in camel as an alternative.

What are your thoughts on the above?

Thank you for any and all advice!