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Removing Water Stains from Leather Briefcase

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Guys, I have a small water strain on my vegetable-tanned leather briefcase that just wouldn't disappear after a day or so of air drying. Any advice on how to remove it?


Here you can see how it looks:

Ideally, would be nice to do it via some simple and natural way, but if not any other option will do as long as it's safe for the leather (e.g. maybe something from Lexol, etc.)

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There's really no hope at removing that stain. The only real way to get it out is to have the whole entire piece water soaked in water to match the color of the leather but I would not advise doing this. It's such a small stain I wouldn't worry about it

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Call it patina and get on with your life.
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If it is a simple water stain (and not beer or salad dressing or something else like that) the stain can be eliminated by soaking the entire surface (the whole briefcase) until it appears uniformly "wet" and then letting it dry slowly and uniformly. It would help to coat the leather with a water soluble conditioner such as Bick4 or Lexol after wetting to slow the drying process.

Patrick Booth had a solution of white vinegar and water that in a number of real life trials done by forum members, seemed to work miracles.

That said, looking at the photo, i don't see anything to get excited about. I don't see much of a stain if any.

Life happens. It's not plastic.
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The point of buying leather goods is to admire and develop the patina over a long period of time.

you should not be worried about that slight discoloration.
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