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Shoe fit question

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Have a quick question.  I've had some back luck recently with oxford / brogue cap toes fit.  I've tried numerous models, including the:


  • AE Park Avenue (5 last)
  • AE Strand (5 last)
  • C&J Connaught (236 last)
  • AS Armfield (109 last)


The issue I have is that I will get sized up in a store (I'm a ~12D/E US), the shoes will feel pretty much perfect in length and width, and as soon as I start walking on the street for more than 5-10 minutes, the shoes will start badly digging into the bone below my big toe as the shoe bends (see below picture).  


This has happened with every single cap toe I have tried (in the above models) and after numerous wears, so I am confident it's not a matter of the shoes not being properly broken in.  Does anyone have experience with this?  Seems to me the only solution would be to go down in length so the crease/bend of the shoe hits below the red circle in the picture, but then I would have to get a very wide shoe to compensate as my toe will start getting crushed by the toe box when stepping forward?  Or are cap toes just out of the question for me and I should look for another type of shoe?  Any suggestions on model types if so?  Any help is appreciated it.  I desperately need new dress shoes for work.

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My Johnston and Murphy captoes did this until they broke in. None of my AE captoes have ever done this. It was a tingly and sharp squeeze of that joint and was very painful until those JM's broke in. They are my rainy day dress shoes.
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