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Styleforum Gives 2015 - Our annual holiday charity auctions for the Ronald McDonald House.

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The Annual Styleforum Gives Holiday Charity Auctions - 2015


100% of proceeds Benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities.


Hi All,


Of all the many traditions we all have, this is the one of which I am most proud.  We are holding auctions of items donated by retailers and designers, 100% of the proceeds to go to the Ronald McDonald House Charities (, which helps to house and feed the families of children who must travel for medical treatment.  During the holiday season, illness and being away from the comfort of home is especially stressful, and I love that we can help. in a small way. alleviate some of this stress.


Last year, we raised over $16K over the course of the month.  Please bid generously and helps surpass this.  There are some terrific items donated already, and we are expecting more donations to roll in as the season rolls in.  


Each auction will take 24 hours, starting as close to 10 a.m. PST as I am able to make it, and ending the same time the next day.  


All auctions will start at 50% of the retail price.


We will start the auctions immediately after Thanksgiving Thursday!


Please bid generously.


Here is just a teaser of one of the items that will be up for auction.  


1) Thanks to @gdl203 and No Man Walks Alone - an Eidos Napoli suit, as designed by long time member @NickPollica

of the auction winner's choice. Here is one that I would get:


2) Ring Jacket from @JeffArmoury and the rest of The Armoury Gang (

3) 4 MTM Individualized Shirts from 


4) 2 Bauhaus watches from @Kent Wang

5) From @pediwear, a pair of Loake Aldwych

6) From J Fitzpatrick shoes, any pair of shoes from his range

7) From @YellowHookTies, a bottle of Four Roses La Brigantessa, a specially made for Four Roses Brent Red Six Fold and one of Yellowhook's Holiday Plaid ties

8) A travel wallet from @Linjer,

9) A set of cufflinks and pocketsquare set from Monsieur Fox,

10) A Porter Bag (any) and scarf (any) from @davesmith Exquisite Trimmings.

11) Custom one off shell cordovan Viberg boots.

12) Russian Reindeer passport holder or pocket wallet from @kirbya and the @hangerproject

13) A bespoke tweed jacket made from Malloy and sons cloth. Retail $3000. Includes try on fittings, custom pattern made, (aka the works) from @David Reeves

14) Winter Varsity jacket with leather sleeves (V2) from Falcon Garments (@mrchariybrown)

15) Custom shell cordovan billfold from @Deusis of Guarded Goods.

16) 2 "standard" belts of the winner's choice from @Equus Leather and one non-alligator watch strap.


We are waiting back to hear back from other vendors as well.





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Nooooo (says my wallet)
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Awesome.  Let's hope I can win something again.

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I look forward to this so much that I actually added the annual charity auction into my clothing budget this year! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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Fantastic. Looking forward to this.

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Always fun to watch smile.gif
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Truly grateful for the tradition of charity on Styleforum thumbs-up.gif
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Always a great cause!!

As an aside, I'm trying to give $200 to the ASPCA. All you need to do is thumb a post. No ads etc - I'm not trying to sell anything. Just thumb a post, and for every thumb I'll donate $1 to the ASPCA - up to 200 thumbs / 200 bucks. Only have 114 thumbs so far - need 86 more by 11/30.


Sorry for the derail. Good luck on the auctions this year everyone!

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Originally Posted by Cleav View Post


I'm going to start tomorrow with a special 2 day auction to start.  Sorta in the middle of organizing things.





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The first item, which I will list tomorrow, and which will go for a very special 48 hours, will be for a Luxire x Styleforum leather jacket, either a moto, or a double rider.  These are the two jackets that we've been developing and which will sell for approximately $800.  The second prototypes are nearly ready.  There are a ;arge number of leathers from which to choose, and 2 models.  The winner will essentially get the first production jacket.


@gomestar, @Ambulance Chaser and others who were interested, this may be your chance.  


It will take me some time to properly photograph everything tomorrow, but I'm going to try to do it right.


Get your pennies ready!





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Auction 1: MTM Luxire x Styleforum leather jacket of your choice.

Ends Monday, Nov 30, 2015. 12 p.m. PST


Let's start the bidding... now.  The following auction will be a 48 hour auction and will end at noon 


Earlier this year, Styleforum has been working with Luxire @LuxireStudio to develop two leather jacket models, a double rider and a moto-cross style jacket.  The end product, the "standard bodies" that will be the basis for all of your little tweaks, are nearly done.


Luxire is donating the MTM jacket in your choice of model and color (there are other colors, includinng navy, midnight, various shades of brown, etc...).  The jacket will retail for approximately $800, and you get the benefit of a well developed standard model, and can tweak from there.  A measurement here, and measurement there.  f you don't like a detail, take it away?  Want in interior breast pocket?  Sounds like a good idea.  You will have the privilege of getting the very first jacket off of the production floor (so, it will be the first jacket, period, not including samples.  The retail price of these jackets will be approximately $800.


Let's start the bidding at $350.  The minimum increment on a bid will be $25.  Please announce bids on this thread.  If you wish to be anonymous, you may PM me, and I will proxy the bid for you.  


Important note:  The bidding will not end if there has been a bid in the last 10 minutes, regardless of time.  So, for example, if there is a bid at 11:59 Monday morning, the bidding will go on until 12:09, and if there is a bid before or at that time, the bidding will continue.  Essentially, sniping is not going to be effective.  It's for charity, y'all.


Here are some pictures of the sample jackets to make you all weep and bid generously and often:






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Paddle raised

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