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Enzo Bonafe Black Captoe Oxford GMTO

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Due to the number of interested people in this make up, I've decided to start a new thread. This GMTO will be done via Skoaktiebolaget potentially this January (under discussion).


Plain captoe balmoral with hidden seams
EB ref 3863 in black calf
Last 804
270deg handwelted
Single leather sole
Black welt, edge dressing

Edit: Thanks to @RogerP for the awesome pictures.
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So far the interested folks and their preferred timing are:
@ThunderMarch - ASAP or January
@dalevy - January
@watchidiot - January
@bloodyj13 - January
@Pbayvip - January

Others that appear interested were

Did I miss anyone?
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I'm interested too... and maybe brown :D

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I am interested also January.
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I'd be interested, potentially

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January for me as well
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January for me as well.
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I'm in for these. I'm flexible on timeframe.

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Thank you gents. I'll add you all to the list. We are about 11 now or so.
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Gosh fellas,
Thank you all. I really didn't expect the response to be so overwhelming.
It seems most of us are down for Jan.
This is turning out to be a great gmto.
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Add me in for January as well!  Those are fantastic.

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Given the fantastic response, nearer January I will drop SkoaB an email, and they can just create a link on their webpage so all of us can place our orders. 

It's gonna be sweet!

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thanks for your effort! 

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Magnificent shoe. 


Not sure yet if I can participate, but definitely will be following this.

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Originally Posted by bloodyj13 View Post

thanks for your effort! 


Most welcome. It is I who should thank every one for their support!

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