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Made to measure.

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Hello all, I am new on style forum, though I have been on this site multiple times to read reviews. I am planning on purchasing my first made to measure Zenga suit in the next month or so. I was curious to ask if it were to be more wise for me to get it done at the actual Ermenegildo Zegna store in Chicago or go to a men store like Godfrys in Colombius Ohio? Thanks.
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Go to the Zegna store, those guys are trained specifically by Zegna I'm assuming. Also, their tailors or mtm measurers will be more experienced with the process and can explain to you the process and styling choices to its full extent.

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I know neither store. There was no zegna store when I
lived in Chicago. My instinct tells me that getting it directly
from Zegna means that if there are problems one doesn't
have to deal through an intermediary- the retailer in
Columbus. I used to do a lot of MTM and fit issues arise.
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