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Parajumper Jackets

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Douchebaggery...Yes or No? They've hit the Toronto streets here like the plague.
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I like the aesthetic that they're going after, but they seem more gimmicky than douchebaggery. Context carries some of them (and it looks like they've sold well), and yoox has one model on sale here: http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/PARAJU...s/searchResult
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Parajumper is badass. They are the real deal and some serious winter jackets. Can't go wrong with them. I particularly like this one.
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I like both those posted. I guess to me, they look fairly warm and practical. I don't see anything douchebaggy about them.
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Sorry for the necro bump...

A friend of mine is looking to buy a Winter parka. Rather than Canada Goose that is very common, she is looking into getting one from PJS.

Just wondering what is the best place to buy them online in terms of price, customer service and selection?

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I have a Kodiak, it is a serious piece. I like it, but it is very over the top in details.
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