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Suede Wingtip (under $200)

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I'm looking for a pair of suede wingtips to wear with chinos. I've done a search and a lot of recommended shoes are no longer continued to order so I thought I'd make a new thread for current models. I'm hoping to spend less than $200 because I plan to wear them quite often (does that even make sense?). 


Anyways, I've found some and was wondering which one you guys would suggest (why and why not).


Herring Reading 



Herring Richmond



Loake 202 Brogue





I'm in the U.S. so will ordering from this website work?


Edit: I just noticed the 1st pair aren't wingtips but are heavily brogued so they are in the same ball park enough.

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AFAIK, herring offers worldwide shipping and I have heard some compliments regarding their services, so I would order from them if the quality/price is good.

of course you have to know your size in they brands.

from my very limited experience, loake capital last is a little roomier than EG 82 last in the same size, hope that help!

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$150-$190 shoes with Goodyear welts.

Sounds pretty good. Anybody have experienced with their quality?
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So I ordered the 3rd pair and it arrived yesterday. The toe is too round and the width is a bit wide so looking down at the show, it does not look as sleek as I like. So I am returning them. The quality seemed fine tho. Too bad it wasn't as narrow and sleek looking because I am quite skinny and wear tapered pants.

The hunt continues...
Any other suggestion?
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