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It is unfortunate that AA is slow/offline so often.  I visit both sites, obviously, but for somewhat different reasons.  I quite enjoy the StyleForum for discussions about a range of clothing issues.  I find it has more discussion about designers and more contemporary styles.  Meanwhile, I go to AA for discussions about Savile Row bespoke and American Trad.  I echo the cries for Andy to upgrade his forum server.  TO AA longtimers: has it always been so slow?
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Again: do we need to have a new post about this every time it happens?
We could always turn one of these AAAC threads into a sticky.
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Just curious to the AA people, is there something covered there that isn't covered here? I haven't really spent much time there since before I started this forum. Is there some other forum I could add to make you all feel more comfortable? I don't mean to "steal" Andy's users but if you find something lacking here, by all means let me know. A bespoke-only section? It takes about 3 minutes to add something like that if it's needed. Let me know if I can improve the site for you. PM or reply here.
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