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Black Lapel MTM . How does it fit?

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Hi, I apologize for any amount of ignorance I may have, as I have just received my MTM suit (which is also my first suit to own.) from Black Lapel. And second, for anything unprofessional like wrinkles, I just took it out of the box and rushed into putting it on with excitement.

I will apologize again for bad lighting in the pictures.

As of now I want to suppress the waist by 0.50” since it feels a little roomy, maybe the chest too. I have a few concerns. There is a minor collar roll on the back and the lapels do not lie properly/flat on chest. What is the cause of these issues and how do you fix them? Is it because of the shoulders or chest?

Do you guys think the shoulder is too wide? The jacket shoulder size is measure at 18”. I have wide shoulder for my height and I would like it to be a little bit narrower if possible, maybe take 0.25” off on both side unless you guys think it’s good. I am 5’6, 139 pounds if that matters.

My other concern is that there is a gap between the vest and the dress shirt collar, how does one fix that? What should I tell the services at black lapel to fix the gap and these other issues? Other than that I think it fits pretty well imo. Also is the button stance okay?


Also the dress shirt is purchase from their website as well. Is there anything wrong with the back?















Let me know what you guys think.

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anyone :(

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Shoulders do look a little wide, but it's not tough alteration to make.

For the shirt, you can have them move the button hole up on this (so it hits the right spot) - but not on the shirt already made.

Doesn't look horrible though. Just fix it on your next one.
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The lower back seems to be riding up.
It should hang straighter. Perhaps letting out the waist
will fix it. Over all the suit fits better than the majority
of suits I see in my area.
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You have a sway back, which they don't seem to have accounted for completely, which i think is why it's bunching a bit at the small of your back. It's much better than a lot of examples of seen with the same issue, however. If you want to hear from tailors about how that should be addressed, try posting in this thread:


There's also a bit of an issue with the shoulders in the back. They seem OK from the front. This might just be the way that you were holding your arms when the photo was taken, but something about the shape/size of the armholes, shoulder construction, and maybe the sleeve pitch or size or shape looks in the photos like it's causing the sleeves to hang badly. Sorry to break out the Foo red squiggles but if you follow the line up the back you'll see where the sleeve and shoulder meet. The sleeve curves back in from the sleevehead. You might try taking some more photos with your arms held in different positions, get someone else to look, or see what you can do with mirrors.


To my eye, the jacket is also a bit short. It covers your butt, but barely. It ends just a little below your wrist, though. I think it would look better longer. That is a matter of preference, but a little more length is likely to balance the overall silhouette.


Definitely don't suppress the waist or bring the chest in any more.


Despite all that, it's pretty decent for a first effort. 

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Thanks everyone.
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