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I need business casual outfit within the week and have around 150 to spend at this moment.Is this realistic? If so should I try ebay or search some sales. I would like it to fall on the Brooks Brothers,*J.Press* side of the spectrum if possible. Thanks in advance *J.Press replaced J. Crew
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Certainly possible on ebay, I've bought BB suits on ebay for $30 so it shouldn't be too hard. The sale route may work as well, I am sure you could put together a decent wardrobe at Nordstrom Rack for $150, a Talbott shirt, some decent slacks, and shoes wouldn't be too hard to find.
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Hi, I have severl Ralph Lauren dress shirts you can buy for the low price of $20.00. let me know your size if your interested. You can email me at gindrinker22@yahoo.com.
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If you need the outfit in the week then I think you would need to hurry if you are going to buy from ebay because sometimes that stuff takes a while to get, and in the best case if the person is shipping priority it is going to take at least a couple days.
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I would stop in both JCrew and Banana Republic, which often have substantial markdowns on their items. I wouldn't pay retail in either place, though. Go to Marshall's and/or TJ Maxx where you can find dress shirts (Ike Behar, Polo, Ted Baker), ties (if you're after that), socks (bought some Pantherellas a couple of weeks ago) and pants. I would also try thrift or consignment if you have the time and know of good ones. Nordstrom Rack sounds like a great suggestion if you have one locally. If you can get a Talbott shirt that would be a great buy. And agreed on ebay, it's not the best place if you're in a time crunch. The shoe thing is going to be a bit trickier, but you're simply going to have to compromise there and not worry about it.
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i would use this strategy: if you have a thrift store, use that for your shirt. you can usually find a decent one for very cheap. ~$10. check for sales and you should be able to find some good chino's for about $30. that's how much mine cost at JCrew. get some flat-fronts and you will look less 'downmarket'. (that's my oversimplified logic, anyway.) use the rest for a pair of shoes. it *might* be possible to squeeze a pair of allen-edmonds in the budget if you find them at nordstrom rack. make sure you have a belt to roughly match. i assume this is all you need, as that's all you listed. good luck. /andrew
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I strongly endorse that strategy.
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Try to manage with the clothes already in your wardrobe?  I remember needing a bunch of shirts in highschool (jr. year) for a "professional" conference that lasted 5 days.  I ended up buying three Claiborne dress shirts at full retail.  Never again will I be forced into a last minute purchase.  I suggest buying a new shirt and slacks, and passing on the shoes.  Nice footwear goes a long way as both an investment and style statement.
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If you are in the NYC area, go to the discount mecca--Century 21. For 150, you'll have ample selection of business casual attire. YSL shirts for about $50, RTW trousers, even shoes for that price.....
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