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Pocket accessories

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What is the best way to carry keys, cash, credit cards, and business cards when one is wearing dress/suit pants without a jacket?  Putting a standard wallet in the back pocket is a major no-no because it will stretch the fabric, and keys can damage the front pocket, not to mention ruin the smooth line one is after.
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I have this same problem. So, here is what I have been doing (when practical). I only carry a credit card holder as my wallet. I stash my license, 1 credit card, and a few business cards in it. It fits nicely in the back pocket without stretching anything. As for keys, I have been leaving the "unnecessary" keys in my car or office, and only car the actual car key. I usually leave most of those items either in my briefcase (which I carry around a lot) or in my office drawer.
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I have a Ferragamo wallet that I diligently keep from bulging, but its still too bulky to keep in any pants pocket.  If I know I'm wearing a suit jacket, leather coat, overcoat, etc. I use that, but if not (i.e. around the office) I have a money clip and credit card case that I keep in opposite front pockets (try Tiffany sterling silver, very affordable, trim, and classically styled). As to keys, they're kept in a briefcase or desk drawer, or I often just hold them as I walk to my car.  Keys shouldn't be too bulky anyway, as you probably only need 2-4 keys on a daily basis (and keychains with giant eight-balls, mace canisters, action figures, etc. attached probably aren't the way to go). Also, when I'm out with my wife, I take advantage of her purse, and just have her hold my keys, wallet, cel phone, etc.
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