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Thanks for the input. Cornell's and Tino's (I guess not Secret Armory anymore) are worth checking out. A Bespoke suit at $700 on the low end is getting up there, relative to the labor though. Will check out the wares in person though.

I can't believe there are suit wearers there since it's SO hot!

Interesting that shoes are gaining popularity too... What's 'trendy' now there? Trying to figure out gifts...
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Okay, I think I'll check out Tino's and Cornell's for suiting and Sapatero for shoes. Do you know if they are receptive to visits to check out their wares?

I also found Signet (I think previously Lost+Found) and it looks like a shop worth checking out?

Are all these 4 shops close by where I can see them within a half day? I know traffic can be notorious so I want to be efficient.
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Originally Posted by kevinyapjoco View Post

2. I pass my purchases through a freight forwarder based in HK.


Kevin, would you mind sharing the identity of your HK forwarder? Thanks.

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