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Originally Posted by jasonmx3 View Post

Do you guys know of a reputable place in Manila where they alter/make jeans?

Defacto and Viktor make jeans. I don't know if they will do alterations on jeans they didn't make.

I just bring mine to Alterations Plus in the malls to get them hemmed.
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^^^Thanks! Any experience with either of them? Is one better than the other?

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I've not had jeans made, sorry.
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Originally Posted by bbaquiran View Post

I've not had jeans made, sorry.


No worries. Just wanted to know if you've also had experience with either of them.


Originally Posted by mrUnicorn View Post

buy from us is better.


Were you replying to my post? Are you selling RTW jeans or MTO?

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Originally Posted by mrUnicorn View Post

buy from us is better.

I might be in the market for some new jeans soon, but I wanna fit before buying. When will you guys have stock?
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Anyone know where I can find the same type of fabric and design (the fat stripes) here? Fanbi may or may not have it..


Originally Posted by Devil View Post

I'm an expat living here, and now looking for a place to get slim Italian suits done - the right and affordable way.

I'm also looking to get some shirts made. 


But tailoring is only half the battle - where do I find good quality fabric?



Suit and fabric style:




Suit cut:



Shirt colors and patterns I like: 




Seeking recommendations for tailors and also fabric stores.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Everyone,


I will be heading to the Philippines in March 2014 for a holiday and to attend a wedding.


This thread has made my research task a lot easier in regards to getting a few suits and shirts made, so thank you to all for your input, view points and thoughts.


I am relatively new to buying suits, and it has been quite a steep learning curve to say the least.   I have purchased off the rack from brands such as Ted Baker, Calibre, Studio Italia, Zara and Jack London. I am about 5ft 7 and 80kgs with an athletic build.  Any suit I purchase off the rack requires a significant amount of tailoring before I am happy with the fit, hence the move to made to measure and bespoke.


There are some magnificent Traditional Bespoke tailors here in Sydney, but their prices start from $2000 AUS and above which is a bit out of my price range at this stage.


I have had some experience in regards to made to measure here in Australia though.  Bespoke by Nicholas was good, their tailor and operations are based in Hong Kong. The style consultant was a woman (and martial arts expert apparently lol) which was slightly awkward but in some ways it was good to have a womans point of view.  This suit is my favourite suit to wear by far.


The other service Montagio, was a bit of a disaster in terms of the overall fit of the suit, I think they were relatively inexperienced and it showed.  The lesson I learned is the old cliche you get what you pay for, but probably of more importance is to make sure you do your research and be clear about what it is you want.  


I would really love for my next suit to be made by Zimma Tailors.  Roger is awesome with his knowledge, worldly experience and ideas about style.   He offers a full bespoke service and a made to measure ‘SU MISURA’ service.  I have had several conversations with him and I know I will be in good hands, which is very comforting when spending a significant amount of money on a suit.


But enough of my ranting about Sydney Tailors.  I have a quick question, has anyone had any experience with Sarto Manila?  Their website is good, but alas, it does not show much in the way of their past work.


Based on what I have read here and my own research I'm currently leaning towards Secret Armory or Tino at the moment.  Im only in the Philippines for 4 weeks and will therefore need my suits made relatively quickly.  


I also see you have a style council of sorts too which is great.  I would love to catch up with you guys when Im over there and will check this site often to keep up to date with whats happening.


Thanks for reading,

James Moncay

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New pants from Cornelio.

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Are there places to get some horn buttons for suits in Manila?
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Somewhere in Caloocan there is a button factory. That's all I know.
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Originally Posted by aon View Post

New pants from Cornelio.



Is this the same place as Cornels? Fit pics?

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Originally Posted by jasonmx3 View Post

Is this the same place as Cornels? Fit pics?

Yes its the same place. Mr. Cornelio is the proprietor. Will post fit pics after all the adjustments have been made. This is still a work in progress. It took us one and a half months to have all the details in place.
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I have organized another meetup of menswear enthusiasts on August 21 6pm at 26th St. Bistro by The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. It's free and open to everyone. Click here for details.

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Photos of my new trousers from Cornelio. It just appears to be short in the first picture as I might have pulled up the waist too much.

Jacket: Caruso Linen
Shirt: CT
Shoes: Carmina

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^^ Thanks for the pics, Aon. I think I'll give Cornel's a try next time I'm in Manila. Probably have some pants made first too.


BTW, did you have to supply the fabric or does he keep a fair amount at his shop? And did you actually work with Cornelio?

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