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Need carry-on luggage help

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I need a piece of carry-on luggage that can:

1. Carry 2 sportcoats/suit jackets
2. 2-3 pairs of pants/slacks
3. 2 pairs of shoes (one dress, one workout)
4. 2-3 dress shirts and workout clothes for a few days

I currently use the Incase EO Travel Roller. It's a nice bag, but I worry that folding my sportcoats is going to ruin them.

In the past I used the Tumi tri-fold bag but I thought it was absolutely terrible for sport coats.

So, I'm looking for an alternative: I don't care what the brand is, but I need something super functional that can hold sport coats (ideally hanging) and more assorted stuff.

Your help is greatly appreciated!
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I use a Gate 8 Trifold:

Managed to fit a suit, a sports coat, 2 pairs of trousers, 4 shirts, 2 pairs of shoes, and a laptop.

Carry-on size for European flights.

Only issue I had with it was that the bag is a little front-heavy and can topple when fully loaded.
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Thanks for that recommendation! I'll check that out.

Size is 21inch x 15inch x 6inch.

Most domestic carriers allow 22 x 14 x 9 in. So I think this should work.

Anyone else have recommendations?
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Follow the wisdom of pilots and get a Luggage Works Stealth with the garmet bag option. It's bulletproof and just about every part is replaceable too. You also won't get hassled by the flight crew about the size of your bag because they all recognize it and know it fits.
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Reviewing the Luggage Works website -- can't find the option to add the garment bag. Where do I find that Thanks!
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The web site isn't exactly stellar.  You want the the "suiter":


The top cover is a tri-fold garmet bag.  It fits ~4 shirts on hangers. You could probably put two jackets in there, but that's not my packing style. I don't know why they haven't included a picture on the web site - dreadful marketing!

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I'm a C-level exec who travels three weeks a month for work both domestically and internationally, never check bags, and generally carry what you are describing. I have been using a 2-wheeled Halliburton Zeroroller in polycatbonate (rather than aluminum) for the last 5 years and it has been stellar.

Even though it is a "hard" case the material has quite a bit of give so you can stuff it when needed. Although I see the advantages of a 4-wheeled model, it either adds something to the overall dimensions or reduces the interior space, depending upon the design. I went with the 2-wheel rig because it was more adaptable to smaller overheads/EU standards without any loss of interior space.

Only downside is no external pockets, but if you are TSA Pre you can just throw your toiletries inside; if not, then throw them in your computer bag. Inside is very simple and the clamshell design makes accessing things easy - no digging!

It's also much, much lighter than the luggage works. May not sound like much, but when you are constantly heaving this rig up the odd set of stairs and in between cabs and planes and hotels, it counts.

Retail pricing - as can be expected - is stupid, but I find that shopping closeouts online is the way to go for luggage. I think I got mine for 60% off during a model design change upgrade.
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I have a couple rollaboard "suiter" style carry-ons.  They're very nice, but you're pushing the capacity.  On a recent trip I went back to using my 30 year old Garment Bag.  Definitely more room for a couple suits and shirts without having to fold the shirts.  No wheels but fits your requirements better.  You just trade in convenience.  Most of the "suiter" style suitcases just don't have as much depth in the hanging section.


For my luggage now, I've been using Travelpro and been very happy.  My old garment bag is a Samsonite.  I wouldn't recommend the brand - stitching has torn a bit - but the style of bag just fits more if you don't mind carrying it on your shoulder instead of wheeling it.  It looks like Travelpro makes some wheeled versions of a garment bag.  You'll have more room for suits and hanging pants/shirts in that style than traditional carry-on with suiter compartment.  The problem with any of these though is the handle assembly eats up space and so do the wheels.  If you don't mind a strap and no wheels, find older models without them and you'll have a lot more interior space.

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I don't need much room for suits/jackets, but my Briggs and Riley has been great. Seems to be well made and well thought out, life-time warranty, and the model I have includes an enclosed folding thingy for a suit or jacket: Because it's wide enough to fit a jacket however it exceeds some of the carry-on maximums.

They might not have exactly what you need, but I highly recommend checking them out.
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im assuming that you actually dont plan on carrying both pairs of shoes - rather, wear one and carry the other

pretty much any iata sized carry-on is sufficient to bring what you describe.

no iata sized luggage will have enough area to "hang" a suit. not even checked luggage.

not sure what you truly meant. but a coat will need to be folded atleast once around the belly (shoulder to shoulder width of 20" is enough for length of luggage). what problems exactly have you faced with transporting jackets? i dont even bother with garment bags anymore. i flip one sleeve inside-out, slip it inside the other sleeve, and fold the jacket up. its the most space-efficient way of packing. and unless you are seriously sandwiching it under newtons of force, will bear no adverse effect on the garment. i carry worsted wool, flannel wool, linen, cotton silk blend etc jackets this way*

*inside rimowa topas iata 4 wheeler. buttery smooth rolling, really tough telescoping handle, and fairly lightweight
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