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Could someone help me out?

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Hello, I am a 30 y/o male working as a solutions architect in the IT industry.  That being said I am looking to expand my wardrobe further as I am looking to start my own company shortly.  I am not sure however what direction to take it.


I currently have 3 pairs of dress shoes, all of which are Allen Edmonds Strands in (Walnut, Dark Chili, Oxblood).


I have a few sport coats, ranging from navy(silk), brown(wool), beige(tweed), charcoal(wool).  A wide variety of various pants to interchange.


I also have about a dozen french cuff dress shirts from charles tyrwhitt and brooks brothers in various weaves.  


Some combination of the above is my normal daily wear to the office.


So I guess my question becomes, should I be adding 3 piece suits to my collection or can I get by expanding my sport coat selections?  If I am going to pursue a startup and I am meeting with investors, is that the type of event I would need to wear a 3 piece suit or would a combination of the above suffice?  I guess I'm trying to determine the practical direction I should take my wardrobe as I dont attend many events that require more formal dress than I can put together currently.


Thanks in advance for any help, I appreciate the direction as I am still trying to figure this out.

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There is a third choice you do not list: add two piece suits in staple colors. Navy, dark gray, and a medium gray would be great. 3 piece suits are often a bit out of place and may make an expensive impression to potential clients. The variety you will find out there and pricing makes them less attractive to buy and wear without vest.
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Seems like very good advice
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Where are you?
Where I am in Silicon Valley sport coats and dress slacks
suffice. Although personally, I don't think the French Cuff shirts
work well with sport coats.
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Welcome to the forum, @nerdystrands.  Getting a couple staple suits is great advice.  We have a weekly new members thread that would be great for questions like this.  It changes weekly, but there is the thread for this week  Best of luck on your startup.  

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