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$120 (USD)
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For Sale:
Discontinued Creed Fragrance - Orange Spice

Will Ship To: CONUS

Interest Check - Have done a lot of buying here but this is the first time I've tried anything on the selling side of the equation. I recently acquired a 250 ml flacon of Creed’s discontinued fragrance Orange Spice. This was an unopened bottle, originally from Bergdorf’s (see pic) and – while it’s a wonderful scent, especially for the cooler months – 250 ml is more than I need. After decanting a 50 ml sample for me and one as a Christmas present for my brother, I’m going to have 150 ml left over. So I’m checking to see if anyone out there is interested in purchasing one of three possible 50 ml decants. Price would be $120, which includes glass atomizer and shipping in the CONUS.