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Please help me to dress properly!

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image1xl.jpg 28k .jpg file AMALFI-BLUE-1MX-EXTRA-SLIM-FIT-FRENCH-CUFF-SHIRT.jpg 25k .jpg file 431ece976c65adf503b05d304daec0c9.jpg 91k .jpg file I am 30, I've had plenty of short term girlfriends but nothing serious. I now want to find my other half and settle down.


I have never paid too much attention to style and looking my best. I'm not completely clueless but often times I realize that there is something un-stylish, not right, or faux-pax with the clothes I buy and end up regretting it.


I want to look my best from now on but I don't know where to start. I'm on a budget and travelling to Spain soon so I was planning to renew my wardrobe and buy some clothes from Zara. I know it's not the best but I always find their stuff to be quite stylish, slim and modern.


I have no idea what to buy. Should I get help from the salesmen? Just tell them I know nothing about fashion and to help me choose some good clothes? What if they have bad sense of style?


Do you think there is a better place in Europe, for example London where one can buy cheap good stuff?


Honestly I don't care too much right now for brand-name and quality as long as it helps me look good.


What are the absolute essentials if you want to look mature and reliable. I like casual suits and casual formal looks.


Blue suits without ties, thin sweaters on top of dress shirts.


What kinds of trousers go best with slim, nice looking dress shirts?


What are the faux pax to avoid?


I'm so lost. I have no sense of direction with my style. I have been told in the past I dress well, but I'm not confident. Sometimes I just go out with a black shirt, jeans and a blazer and people tell me I look good but if I step out of my comfort zone I'm scared I may make mistakes and also I don't want to buy new clothes that I will later regret buying because I later realize there's something wrong with them.


How can I learn more (and quickly)?


I've just been googling different men styles and learning from that...


These are some of the looks that I like:




65d6921dbd4b9fe871b11b5b3873b082.jpg 38k .jpg file

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I'd start here:

Plenty of looks to browse through and most people will include brands so you'll know where to start looking for clothes.
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