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I am a business professional and need to upgrade my professional wardrobe. My recall is that I had no problem with wool polyester blends. I also notice that when I have picked up a suit, I like a fine wool--not even knowing what it meant. I got a super 150s wool suit. My question is whether anyone can SEE the difference between wool and wool  blend, or for that matter, good artificial fabric.  This assumes I do not melt the fabric ironing or something.  What is the drawback. I am looking at getting a tailored suit on line. It does not have to last forever. 

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Up sides of wool blends:
  • Don't wrinkle as much.
  • (Should be) cheaper.

Downsides of wool blends:
  • Tendency to pill.
  • Not as color fast.

(All in my opinion.)
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If the poly percentage is too high (more than a couple % to give the wool some stretch), then yeah I would say it is noticeable. As in I would notice it, and I think it tends to look cheap and shiny. Also it tends not to breathe as well so it gives off more of a cheap suit vibe.


So I would stay, and just IMHO, yeah it's not a good look unless it's intentionally a stretch garment. 


Now a wool-cashmere, or a wool-mohair blend that's another story. That stuff looks amazing.

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