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I just "won" an auction on EBAY for a new with tags Corneliani suit in 46r (EU 56r).  I actually just tried on a Corneliani yesterday in a local fine department store to make sure the cut is right for me and it fit beautifully.  So I'm reasonably sure that this one will fit the same and only need the basic tailoring of pants, sleeves and a slight collar roll.


In the store it was $1700, I got it for $440. 


I can't for the life of me see anything  wrong with the suit from the pictures.  It doesn't look like an old model...the lapels look to be fairly thin, there is a nice pick stitch all around, etc.  I guess I'll know when it arrives (and they allow easy returns if it is no good for me).


And by the way, I need black suits for my profession.  I'm clergy and among other duties, perform funerals.