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First pair of cuff links

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I work in a retail store and often buy Polo dress shrts for $15.00 or $.6.00. Polo is my favorite brand. I bought one the other day that uses cufflinks. I often wear dress shirts and ties to class and was wondering if cufflinks are too formal to just wear with a shirt and a tie. It is a blue and white dress shirt with a gingham print. What do you think? If you like the idea of cuff links, I was thinking of just a basic pair, like a silver rectangle. What do you think? I appreciate all your opinions.
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I'd suggest a search on the forum, a lot of people of diverse age and background have commented on appropriateness/dressiness of French cuffs/links etc. That said, my $.02: I wear FC shirts to work sometimes, though I am the only one in my office who does this. Generally, I only wear them when I wear a suit, but that's not a hard and fast rule. If I want to dress them up, I wear silver monogrammed links. If I want to dress them down, I'll wear silk knots, which you can get from BB and others. In between I have some colorful Paul Smith links. I don't have any super-dressy, diamond encrusted decorative links, a la J Hovah. If I'm wearing a French cuff shirt with jeans (some do not like this, and it has been appropriated by the American Jackass) I almost always wear knots. I suppose you're in college from your mention of class? Personally, I never wore a tie to class unless there was some sort of special occasion. In general, I won't wear both a tie and cufflinks unless I'm wearing a suit, or at the very least a sportcoat. I would, however, wear french cuffs/links w/o a tie. These are dangerous waters Some have very set opinions, which would generally run: FC/links exclusively with a tie and suit. People with these opinions may include your professors, so I guess think about who will form an opinion about it/you.
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I think shirt and tie with no jacket is ugly, never mind about the type of cuff on the shirt.
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I think shirt and tie with no jacket is ugly, never mind about the type of cuff on the shirt.
Though I think I would use different language here, I know what you're saying, truthhurts. Generally, leaving the house with a tie and no jacket looks unfinished, and adding french cuffs makes it even more incongruous. If mrgoblue is in college, however, he can probably get away without the jacket. On the other hand, as has been said before, I take my jacket off when I get to work and rarely put it back on while I'm in the office. So I really go around most of the day looking incomplete.
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I take my jacket off too when I'm not going to be around people but I wouldn't go out in public that way. It's just not an attractive look at all. If you aren't going to wear a jacket then ditch the tie.
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Isn't it true that shirt + tie without coat is quite common in England?
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I agree with many of the other respondents to this post. If I am invited somewhere and instructed to wear a shirt and tie, I always put on a jacket. This is not an attempt to outdress others there, and I wish that I wasn't, but I don't feel right if I'm not wearing a jacket over the shirt and tie. Furthermore, I have never once worn a shirt without french cufffs under a suit. Only once have I ever worn a tie under a sportcoat without wearing a french cuff shirt. I like french cuffs because, in my opinion, they are infinitely more comfortable than barrel cuff shirts. I also like that they are unique. I know that many people on this forum promote suits with french cuffs. What do you think of sportcoats with french cuff shirts?
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Silk knots are the answer. And if you're going sans jacket, add a vest for a bit of class. -Tom
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I think French cuffs and tie look fine without a jacket.
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Isn't it true that shirt + tie without coat is quite common in England?
Having lived and worked in London for several years, I would say this is definitely not the case. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen a colleague leave the office -- even if it's just to go outside to have a smoke. -- without putting on his jacket. For what it's worth... -JV
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i am planning to wear f.c. shirt with Link of London silver cuff links when i go out. i always do un-matching cuff links. it's all in ur head.. wear what u feel and how u feel like it.
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