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I’m a shorter Asian guy with a very slim build. In the past, I’ve always purchased off the rack men’s suits, but I didn’t realize how ridiculous I looked in them (even at the smallest size available) until my fiancee pointed them out and told me I should get a suit that is slim and fits me. So I went online looking for a tailored suit that fits me well because we need to attend a friend’s wedding. I found a local tailor that labeled themselves as “affordable” on their website, but the price was $800. That’s way too expensive for me so I went online looking for a decent alternative. I found this new company called Vulture Suits online and decided to give it a try due to some good discounts that they offered.


I’ve researched a bit for MTM suits and noticed most of the review pictures for Indochino and other similar companies make suits that are quite large even when it is supposed to be MTM, not exactly the slim fit I was looking for. Anyway, I contacted the company and their owner emailed me back. I told him I wanted a very slim fit suit… perhaps I shouldn’t have emphasized that to him, I feel like the pants leg opening could have been a bit bigger (the pants leg opening is 6.25 inches and my waist is 28 inches). What do you guys think? Does it make my legs look too slim? (maybe that discussion can be at another thread lol)


Other than that, the jacket and the pants themselves are of EXCELLENT fit. And the quality is really good. I really like the pure wool fabric, it feels and looks very high-end. The jacket is perfectly balanced and the sewing work seems to be of very high quality workmanship. It has really nice sweat guards, something my other off the rack suits don’t have. The jacket also has some small buttons on the jacket lining that are holding the thread for the larger front buttons. (I have no idea what they are called, but I haven’t seen them before on my other suits). Anyway, the owner asked me if I could do a review for them cause they’re a newer store and would love to hear the feedback, and I said yes. All in all, for a MTM high quality all-wool suit at around $300 shipped, I feel it is really a good bargain.


PROs: really good quality fabrics, very good fit, great sewing work, good sweat guards, good customer service, good shipping time (about 2.5 weeks from order to my home)


CONs: offers only $35 for alteration whereas other companies like Indochino offers $75, website not as intuitive and advanced as Indochino (indochino has better measurement videos where they show you how to measure)


Sorry for the bad pictures, i only have a camera phone, the lighting is bad, and the images are captured off of the house mirror.