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Hi all - I've been reading on here and AAAC for a long while, finally made an account. I need a reality check here.

I went to Brooks Brothers today to try on a couple of shirts. I couldn't find a size I wanted (16/35, not too odd). Instead of bringing me an actual shirt, I was handed a "Try-On Shirt" with half sleeves, a band collar, thin material, and lots of brown (!!) stains.

I asked the sales associate that I wanted to try on a shirt with an actual collar and sleeves in 16, and she told me that I should already know lengths for that, and this is just to get the fit.

I'm a bit surprised - I've never had this happen before at BB, which although not the most expensive certainly isn't cheap. I didn't get the information I wanted because of the sleeve length, and I was not happy to put mystery residues on my person.

Is my irritation and unhappiness with this experience warranted? I have never even heard of a Try-On Shirt.