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What do you guys think of these?
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I think the general profile is nice, but that they´ve complicated things with too many extra seams and details. Id wear them if I found them cheap though..
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I love these, I probably wont get them as ive just bought some costume nationals black slip on work boots. But yeah I really like these timeberlands, they would look great with amerkaji, repro sort of stuff, canes and a flathead plaid mmmmm

They do two versions a full leather one and a waxed canvas upper version, both are waterproof and both contain lots of recycled materials, timberland are very green, and last year they bought Howies.

One thing I would say is shop around for them, in Birmingham they are over 200 quid, yet on timberlands website they are 160 dollars, I think they are 125 quid from timberlands UK webshop - but yeah... inconsistently priced.
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I owned a couple of pairs of tims in high school, and I can't say I've ever had a quality issue with them, but I can't say I'd buy a pair other than their classic nubuck boot.

I think those are a little busy, and I'm really not a fan of the euro line that Barney's is carrying. Just too much going on.

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These are pretty sweet too. I just don't like the Timberland logo etched in the side.
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At that price you'd be better off with a Red Wings boot.
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I'd rather have one of these two: Frye Bedford Stu
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^^^ Well I already have these which are pretty similar to those.
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^^^what are those boots?
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Originally Posted by bigskydream View Post
^^^what are those boots?

They are from Camper. I love them. They have that Industrial Revolution look going on. And they are as comfortable as sneakers.
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what about these?
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Those aren't even boots dude.
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theyre not boots? So what are they then?
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They're basically sneakers.
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i commend T-land for doing sustainable product and do think they produce some nice product, but they aren't really my thing.

I definitely prefer simpler paired down silhouettes when it comes to my boots and shoes w/ maybe one nice twist or detail
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