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Style misconceptions and ridiculous comments.

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I recently got my first pair of dark indigo straight leg jeans, and wore them today with brown cap toe boots to class. Got comments from skinny, ripped jeans- and chucks wearing colleagues that I look like a "cowboy". I've also heard them call my brown medallion toe bluchers "my butterfly shoes" or call oxfords "gay shoes":rotflmao:.


People and various friends are often confused by ribbon belts or button-down collars, mistake a peacoat with a blazer,think dress watches or leather soled shoes that click-clack are "effeminate" and consider proper, long dress socks or thick wool socks outlandish, wearing ankle high white socks with everything :uhoh:.


My grey flannel trousers are sometimes confused with sweatpants while corduroy, moleskin and linen is looked at with suspicion along with any pants not made of denim. I've been called Elvis for wearing white jeans or people said I looked like I was from the seventies because of my denim jacket :lol:.


This all made me wonder: what are the weirdest comments you ever received from people about the stuff you wear? What are the biggest misconceptions people have had about the kinds of clothes we like here?

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"Butterfly shoes." rotflmao.gif

That's actually pretty funny, at least when I'm at work on a Thursday afternoon.

I may regret this post later.
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Sometimes when I wear pebble grain shoes people call them "Cracklin' Oat Brans."
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Little-known fact: Cracklin' Oat Bran (the cereal) is actually named after cracklin' oat bran (the shoe texture), not the other way around.
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Originally Posted by VaderDave View Post
 cracklin' oat bran (the shoe texture)

I'd love to see that in a product description, perhaps on Allen Edmonds or CJ shoes :lol:

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