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I'm Vestegaard, hunched over my sewing machine or my accounting books all day. I'm an accounting major mainly because I wanted to get a nice career and accounting has a ton of interesting subjects. But at the same time I want to tailor men's jacket's.


I have been a seamstress for quite a while and people say that I'm pretty good (actually I am, sorry to be modest) but my dearest wish is to construct men's jacket's.

So how does that relate to accounting? Well I honestly don't know. Someone offered me a job as a tailor (what is the feminine version of tailor? Tailoresse?) and I almost dropped out of school. But for now I'm stuck in that vacuum of hoping to become La Grande Tailoresse with an Accounting degree. Or Controller with a Tailoresse hobby. Anyways, married, too many children, paying off the mortgage every month, lurking on TSX and trying to get enough hours of sleep, now you can welcome me!