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Hey guys,

Just looking for some advice. I'm a young man looking to purchase my second suit. My first was black, and I'm looking at navy for my next one. Basically, I just want opinions: colour? fabric? three-piece? shoe colour? Thanks!

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How did you end up with a black suit? dozingoff.gif

My suggestion would be
  • Navy blue
  • "Heavyweight" wool (around 400 g/m²)
  • Having a three-piece is good for winter, yes.
  • Double-breasted if you trust your tailor a lot.

Note that due to the weight of the wool, this suit will be unwearable above 20 ° C or so. However, the maintenance will be practically none aside from brushing and the occasional pressing of the trousers.

If you are bit more adventurous, dark brown or mahogany in wool/mohair could be pretty cool for summer wear, or dark olive green cotton if you like wrinkles (slightly wider shoulders, longer arms and longer pant legs with cotton due to shrinking).
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Of course a navy / dark navy suit, no question about it. After that, a gray one!

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Solid darker-than-mid-grey or navy worsted wool. 3-roll-2 or 2-button, flap pockets, double vent, corrozo buttons, shoulder expression per your taste. 3-piece is fine if you want it-- you can always choose not to wear the vest.
Black captoe oxfords are essential, but dark brown would also be acceptsble for most purposes unless you're British. There are some times, though, when only black will do and if you can only get one pair, go with black. It will never be wrong.
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