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Night clubs/Gentelman's clubs.

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I was wondering lately, how many of us are visiting any type of strip clubs regulary? Or at least visited it few times?(Stag party, 21'st birthday?) I'm very curious about your answers! :)

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When i was on a student exchange in Warsaw we were often going to the Night clubs :) Usually after passing a semester or just hard exam. Or just because we could :D Our favourite was New Orleans in city center, cause some of the other nightclubs in neighbourhood were looking not 100% safe :p And we could afford a openbar there as there was quite many discounts. And the girls were really nice what is quite important :P

I don't think this is something to be ashamed off, i dont know why sometimes it's a taboo topic

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Always nice to know, that I'm not the only one who doesn't thinks that this is weird :) I'will be visiting Warsaw in few months. How Warsaw is like? Do you enjoyed your stay?

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Huh, people are nice. City itself is also very clean and well organised (the metro lines could be slightly better). The nightlife is absolutely great :) If u will come with your buddy's i definitely recommend you to go out for one night and have fun :) Ton's of great (and cheap pubs, beers around 1,5euro..), you can visit the New Orleans that i mentioned before. If u have never been in Poland before you can ask there about Polish vodka tasting there, we tried once and it was fun :) But you should be carefull with taxi drivers. A lot of them are getting paid to deliver customers to their locals instead of their wanted destination. In ex. if u will ask them to take you to the place "X" sometimes they will try to tell you that it is closed today, but "they know a nice place nearby.." so watch out :)

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Halloween is the best night of the year to visit a strip club.
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