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Flannel trousers

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Since I got several leads for jeans yesterday -- thanks, gentlemen -- I'll try my luck with another subject. I've been looking for some substantial gray flannel trousers.  Everything I find seems to be a lighter weight.  Maybe it's because I live in the Bay Area but I can't find anything in the stores; maybe I have to go mail order.   I'm looking for a heavier-weight wool (maybe "flannel" isn't the correct term) in a color range from dark gray to charcoal. Any leads?
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I'm wearing a pair of heavyish wool flannel slacks right now -- made by Incotex. High today only in the low 60s, so I decided to pull these out for today and the cooler days we have ahead. I've also got some nice ones from Oxxford, Zegna and Brooks Brothers "Golden Fleece." All of them far too heavy wool to wear in the summertime (here in DC anyway).
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For the traditional check out: Ben Silver They've been on my mind a lot lately, must be the fall weather and the anticipated breaking out of the tweed sportcoat. Good luck. Chris
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Zanella (90 wool/10 cashmere)
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Is flannel = heavier weight wool? Are there any other types of heavy weight wool?
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I'm frequently looking for these on EBay and find that RLPL listings (range $100-$190) are frequent for this fabric. You can sometimes find these also from Incotex, Oxxford, and rarely Barbera. I recently purchased a pair of well-made Castangia flannels from World Class Consignment (Andrew Harris). Hope this helps.
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Is flannel = heavier weight wool? Are there any other types of heavy weight wool?
Yes it is. Many other sorts of heavier woolens, eg: whipcords, and tweeds.
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