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Hose and Handkerchiefs in T.O.

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I'm ready to venture into the dangerous world of coloured dress socks. Anyone know a good source in Toronto? I'm also having a hard time finding coloured linen handkerchiefs.
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Theoodre 1922 on Bloor close to Spadina
I've never actually gone into this store, but I walk by it daily and I believe they have what you're looking for.

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If you're willing to pay the ridiculous prices, Holts has a selection of Richard James and Paul Smith hosiery behind the escalator in the shoe section on the lower level.
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Holts sells their own label of coloured socks but they are very short and the material has always broken down on me within three months developing holes in the heels. Some of the Paul Smith swatches are great to look at but I've yet to try a pair on. I swear by Pantherella (Mr. Kabbaz sells some on his site) sea island cottons. As of now I've only owned the solid, ribbed variety but the colours are beautiful to my eyes.

I just received three linen pocket squares (about 14"x14" I think) by Ben Silver. I wear nearly exclusively linen as I find they fold better to my taste. I do have a couple of Dion silk pocket squares I've purchased at both Holts and Harry's that have beautiful colour to them. Canali makes nice linen squares too. I also own the Paul Smith "naked lady" white cotton square that's held up nice. I always try and manage a straight fold and have a little tuft of her (head) hair popping out my pocket as I'm pretentious like that.
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Kent Wang is a good mail-order option given the weak US dollar. Also, if you buy them one at a time, you won't pay duty (as they're $20-25 a piece).
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