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Which did you wear to interview?
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I believe this time of the year is when the U.S. are doing their accelerated recruiting for banks? If so, congrats OP - great achievement.


Even though the OP has already secured the gig, I'd still like to say that you should go for a muted colour and pattern when interviewing for a banking role. There's unspoken rules in banking about how interns and first year analysts shouldn't attempt to out-dress the associates, VPs, MDs, etc. by wearing cutaway collars/French cuffs/grenadine ties - you'll stand out (in a bad way) and become the butt of every joke in the office.


In regards to socks, no one's going to pay any attention to your socks unless they're purposely flamboyant (pink, for example).

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I d disagree with that. Worked in london in a bulge bracket firm. Was ok for intern to come dress good (cufflinks very common, cutaway collars as well and fancy ties). I read it also somewhere else of this "unspoken" rules but really never seen it in reality. Actually the opposite, you should avoid dirt cheap clothes, especially for ties.


I interview and if you are wearing a nice tie it's a plus :D :D (joke but i do appreciate). Flashy socks? A minus (no joke). 

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I think the tradition of summer analysts/1st year analysts being scrutinised for their fashion come mainly from the U.S. - I made that post before my own banking internship and realised the rules were more relaxed (at least in Australia).

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Navy tie or the most solid red. Avoid colorful socks please. 

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