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SW&D Pumpkin Spice Challenge: October 18 - Nov 4

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Inspired by

Fall has finally kicked into gear. The weather is cooling down, the leaves are changing, and the pumpkin-flavored snacks are making their way to store shelves. What does this mean for us? Sick, sick outerwear. Willy kindly got us into the fall spirit with his excellent Leather Jacket Challenge, now it's time to kick it up a notch with scarves, long coats, and sweaters.

HOWEVER, any fall-appropriate outfit will not win you this challenge alone. We need the pumpkin-spiciest, sweater-wearing, latte-drinking, flannel-busting, autumn dudes to do justice to the month of October. All outfits must contain one or more fall essentials.

Styleforum Pumpkin Spice Man fall clothing checklist
  • Fall appropriate color: orange, tangerine, marigold, cider, rust, ginger, tiger, fire, bronze, apricot, clay, honey, carrot, squash, marmalade, amber, sandstone, yam
  • Flannel
  • Suede
  • Moleskin
  • Corduroy
  • Something furry and/or fluffy
  • Overalls
  • Waterproof boots
  • Brown leather gloves

This is not an exhaustive list! If you have something that you believe qualifies, post it up!

HOWEVER, the fall clothing checklist is not the end! In addition to your fall fit, you must accessorize and/or provide context for your splendid fall days. No stiff poses against bland backgrounds! The pumpkin spicier, the better.

Styleforum Pumpkin Spice Man fall accessory checklist
  • Drink a Starbucks latte
  • Use a stupid instagram filter
  • Stroll past autumn leaves
  • Grow a cozy beard
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Carry some weird heirloom vegetables

Again, this is not a complete list - use your imagination. After the poll is up and running, my wife will assign a score of 1 ("Go back to July") to 10 ("Duke of the Fall") to all contestants based upon their fall accessory aptitude that will be added to their vote total.

Contest runs until November 4th. Fall away, dudes.

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OK, my wife volunteered to start us off on the condition I bought her a stupid Starbucks latte. No pumpkin variety over here, unfortunately.

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Nice job man!! Hahaha
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Fluffy cord, fluffy moleskin

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This is amazing. When does it end?

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Pretty sure fall just isn't a thing here but I do have a kabocha !

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Awesome entries so far, sad we didn't get a Halloween manatee or something like that from Magical Pork. Moleskin and corduroy are definitely ~fall essentials~, added to original post
Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

This is amazing. When does it end?

November 1st!!
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EG paper hat
giant thick EG sweater
EG kalamkari long shirt
My girl is wearin a brixton hat
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Ah man I was just at the zoo looking very ~autumnal~ in my furry Dana Lee jacket, puffy vest, and suede vibergs, but no pics.  Be sure to add down vest to the checklist ;)

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Between that long shirt and grail sweater you've got like 2 of the top items of the last fw season in one fit 👍
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Excellent gourds, all around

Just a heads up, I will be extending this contest due to the fact that I will be ~enjoying fall~ and will be away until Nov 4th
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I'm DIY-ing a piece specially for this
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In light of the last few submissions I'd just like to take this opportunity to kindly remind everyone it's not the size of the gourd that matters



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caveat: it is by no means possible to wear this outside in LA at the moment (or in the foreseeable future)




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